Sid Diwar and Paul Ponna Video App Suite Bonus and Review

by Wayne Sharer

Paul Ponna Video App Suite Demo & Bonus

Paul Ponna Video App Suite Review & Bonus

My Review of Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar's Video App Suite

You've likely heard video marketing strategies create the best customer and client engagement online. This isn't news. But being a business that is able to use these strategies is not so easy for most.

That's why Paul Ponna's Video App Suite may prove to be what many need to get into video marketing strategies in an affordable way. I'll show you why in a moment. First, let's see why this is so important.

Problems Creating Video Marketing Strategies

Typically I find that most local businesses hesitate to start leveraging video marketing trends of 2021 and beyond for several reasons...

  • The perceived cost
  • Lack of knowledge of video production
  • Video marketing is time-consuming
  • A big risk of time and money if it doesn't work
  • Many think video is a passing trend (HubSpot 2018 survey shows 54% want more video)
  • Some owners rationalize their potential buyers won't take video seriously (a 2018 Wowzl survey shows 72% of people would rather view video)

Any of this familiar to you?

Maybe you have a different reason and, of course, that's OK, too. Regardless of the reason, all 6 have some validity. Overall, none of them should be a show-stopping reason for a marketing method that, according to Animoto, 88% of video marketers are satisfied with their ROI. I can't find any other form of marketing with this high of success in return.

Fresh Video Ideas for 2021 and Beyond Require Many Video Styles

To create videos in 2021 and beyond seems to require many video styles. This is true which is one of the setbacks for many local and small business owners. Here are some of the requirements:

  • Creating eye-catching video introductions...
    (video intros) and successful closing video calls to action (video outros). These are two related but vital skills and video segments that most have no way to do or create.
  • Using video to captivate on social pages...
    like Facebook. Facebook now allows video covers on business pages. But the format is special, and most don't have a way to make this format. While these cover videos can be very engaging. Making them and updating them is a technical, time-consuming, and expensive problem for most.
  • Adding logos and images to moving scenes...
    truly captures attention. But have you ever tried to do it? It's an important aspect of video both on social media and on your business website. It's also not easy or it's expensive for most.
  • One of the simplest styles of video are videos from slides.
    While it appears simple at first, to make them truly interesting is more complicated than most imagine. This style is great but can be very time-consuming.
  • Story videos have become the rage of social media...
    like Instagram and Facebook. Let's face it, they do capture your eye and attention. But do you know how to make one? What video editor can actually make those style videos without buying expensive apps or software?
  • Whiteboard videos have been popular...
    for more than 5 years now. These videos are the ones with a hand drawing the scenes live on video. While the cost is lower than 5 years ago, do you have the ability to use this style?
  • Square videos have become the format getting the most reaction...
    in video marketing ads. While your smartphone likely can take a square video, do you know how to edit one for ad purposes?
  • How about re-purposing existing videos...
    with lower-thirds, text effects, or custom animations. Many of your "boring" videos can come alive with these basic additions. All you need is an editor that can do it. Do you have one?

That's a lot of ground to cover for your video editing. Most have no way to accomplish this. Even video marketing agencies have a challenge keeping up with all these styles and formats.

The Solution for the Local and Small Business Owner Comes in Paul Ponna's Video App Suite

From a business owner perspective, this is the first truly affordable solution to all 8 of the challenges above. It's called the Video App Suite and was created by Paul Ponna, Sid Diwar, and their professional video app team.

If you're seeing this on July 23, 2019, or later, then it is now available at unbelievably low cost. The initial opening price is as low as $47. The 2021 pricing remains unbelievably low at $49.

Video App Suite Package and Mock up

This suite of video apps truly makes leveraging the video marketing trends 2021 much easier and cost-effective for the small business owner or local business owner seeking to develop video marketing strategies and run them in house. There no single source like Paul Ponna's Video App Suite.

The Solution for the Local and Small Business Owner Comes in Paul Ponna's Video App Suite

In my agency, I've used Ponna's apps for several years. They just downright work, they are simple, and they have great support. That's why I'm letting you know about this one. I quit affiliate marketing years ago, but it only seemed right to let you in on this and not just keep it my secret.

Here's what's in the Sid Diwar and Paul Ponna Video App Suite

  • Software #1 - Intro Outro Expert App
    Create professional and eye-catching intros and outro videos in minutes using ready-made video templates. Intros and outros for video are proven to grab attention, get more engagement and clicks all while making you look more professional. They also give the video a high-end feel!
Video App Suite Apps
  • Software #2 - Cover Pro App
    Create Facebook VIDEO covers (not images). Video covers are proven to drive engagement and sales via Facebook and make you look like an authority!
  • Software #3 - Live Mockup App
    Add your logos and images to live moving scenes. These videos grab attention like no other video format to deliver incredible results. Perfect for social media to draw attention to your brand!
  • Software #4 - SlideMachine App
    Create videos with slides, customize elements, add your own text and images to create sparkling new videos!
  • Software #5 - StoryMonarch App
    Create Instagram and Facebook story videos effortlessly. This is the hottest video format right now on social media!
  • Software #6 - Whiteboarder App
    Create "video commercial" style whiteboard videos using done-for-you templates in minutes.
  • Software #7 - Video Ads Architect App
    Create square video ads that are popular on social platforms. These videos provide a better viewing experience for mobile users, thus driving more sales and clicks!
  • Software #8 - Custom Video FX App
    Upload any existing video into the app and add text effects, lower thirds, and animations to create custom animated videos to fulfill client demands. You can also convert them into landscape, square, portrait/vertical videos for social media. This is for users who want to spice up their existing videos and turn boring videos into amazing high-quality videos!

The Video App Suite will solve most problems limiting many small and local businesses from getting video marketing strategies that work. If you have a strategy, this is the app suite that will put into action - effectively!

What Upsells or OTOs Will Paul Ponna's Video App Suite Show?

Good question because in today's marketing of software apps online, if you're at all like me, you hate that you don't get the "real product" without numerous upsells. Video App Suite has upsells or OTOs, but they do have a real purpose beyond tricking you to buy more.

Here are the suite upsells...

  • Main Offer
    The basic suite of 8 video apps will include the apps, and commercial rights (right to sell your productions). If you're a business owner, then this will be all you need. It lists at $49 (Check the sales page for up-to-date-pricing)
  • Upsell #1 - Video App Suite Business in a Box
    This is great for affiliate marketers or small agencies. It adds - Reselling The Software Apps As Your Own, 8 High Impact Sales Videos, 8 Sales Pages Designed To SELL The Apps, Resell To Unlimited User, and Unlimited Hosting, Storage & Maintenance of The Apps. This is $67.
  • Upsell #2 - White-label plus 4 additional businesses
    This upsell is really only for established small agencies giving you additional business to add along with the ability to label it as your own product with your business name and logos. It currently sells at $97.
  • Upsell #3 - The video submitter and traffic suite
    This is not at all needed to make the Video App Suite work. It is so you can syndicate your videos without having to log into multiple social and video sites. This can be very useful to both small/local business owners and small agencies. This you will have to decide for yourself. The cost is $49.
  • Upsell #4 - The Video App Suite Agency DFY Store
    I recommend you watch the video on the sales page to decide. It isn't necessary to make the videos in the suite. But for small agencies, it is a nice add on worth reviewing. If you're an agency or agency wanna be, then this may be right for you. The starting price is $67.
  • Upsell #5 - The Video App Suite Template Club
    This is a 1-time payment to get you more templated video solutions. These type templates can speed up your time to produce. Like the DFY store, you should simply watch the video and decide. It's not likely a small business owner needs this. But a small agency could find this very useful at a very low cost of $39.

Now you know the full details with nothing hidden.

Creating Video Marketing Strategies that Work with Paul Ponna's Video App Suite

In summary, most of the reasons for not doing video marketing or having a video marketing strategy can be valid.

Video production isn't easy and is time-consuming. But, you can't ignore the return on investment of 88% of folks doing video marketing. Video marketing strategies work when you have the tools to produce videos that engage, educate and sell.

Paul Ponna created Video App Suite to fill this need for small and local businesses that want to get a video marketing strategy working, but couldn't manage all the time and tools needed to make it happen.

If you're ready to cut the time needed to make professional-looking, short productions, then Video App Suite likely is the place for you to take that step.

If you were looking to step up your agency business another level, this suite of apps provides you that ability. Plus you will seriously want to look at the upsells.

The Video App Suite went on the market on July 23rd, 2019. It continues to be updated and remains an excellent choice - yes, even in 2021. (I am recommending this as a user and affiliate)

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Wayne Sharer is a long-time expert in Digital Marketing and SEO. He runs an agency with his business partner since 2007 and specializes in SEO, Reputation Marketing, Video Marketing (including ranking in Google and YouTube) as well as being a certified AWAI Web and SEO copywriter.

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